Rose + George

West London and Southwest London based, Kristen and Harriet are on a mission to make the design process something that is approachable and inviting for everyone. We know the design world can sometimes be intimidating and exclusive. We want to go to as many places, see as many things, meet as many people as we can and then come back to share it with you.

Kristen + Harriet x


Our design story

Since starting Rose George Interior Design Studio in 2015, we have worked on projects of all sizes and along the way we have seen how everyone’s design needs vary. Some clients just want a day with us in their house to bounce ideas around. Some need advice with paint colours and/or furniture sourcing. Others want their shelves and photo gallery walls to be styled. We have designed bathrooms, kitchens and whole house refurbs. We have provided creative direction for some and full implementation for others. If you have questions about the planning process and/or which professional services are required, we can help with that too. Basically, if it’s about your house, we can sort you out stylishly.